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Holiday Rituals with Ajaya Devine

I sit down with author, educator and all around Renaissance woman Ajaya Devine to discuss the holidays and the rituals surrounding them.

The War On Women: The Gender Agenda featuring Ajaya Divine

We team up with Ajaya Divine to discuss the war on women, gender roles, and what women can do to reclaim their power.

Sex Magic & How To Unf**k Yourself featuring Ajaya Devine & Mama Trinity (Hope)

Duane gathers Ajaya Devine & Hope (aka Mama Trinity) to discuss sex magic: What it is, how it's used, how it's misused, and how we can unf**k ourselves in today's soci...

ADOS, Good or Bad? Featuring Son Of Malcolm

Duane has a chat with Zack Brook bka Son Of Malcolm about the ADOS Movement and if it's positive or detrimental to the community. https://twitter.com/son_of_malcol...

Circumcision & The Myths About Hood D**k

We have a candid discussion about circumcision and the epidemic of male genital mutilation in America with special guests Hope S, and Ajaya Divine. https://www.youtube...

Moderation is TRASH!!! (featuring Project Rook)

Duane & Rook discuss moderation, and how it can be a stumbling block keeping you from reaching the next level.

Pan Afrikanism feat Trey "Word Smiff"

Duane and Daryl welcome guest Tre "Word Smiff" artist and Pan Africanist to talk about Pan Africanism & how it can benefit Africans worldwide.

Hollywood Rituals & The Occult featuring Hope

Duane & Daryl sit down with Hope to discuss occult rituals in Hollywood, the science behind events in the media & how to decode the signs for yourself.

Bye N****s

Duane & Daryl talking about current events 04/3/18

RIP to Nip

Duane & Daryl talk about the recent passing of rapper Nipsey Hussle & the pros & cons of giving back to the community.

Parenting While Woke Part 3: Vaccinations feat Anti-Vaxx Vigilante

This week I speak with The "Anti-Vaxx Vigilante" (who chose to remain anonymous) to discuss parenting four children; two who have been vaccinated, and two who haven't....

Parenting While Woke Part 2: featuring Ajaya Divine

This week we sit down with the lovely Ajaya Divine to discuss parenting in the 21st century & how to not repeat the mistakes from our forefathers. We touch on educati...

Black History Month & Other Shenanigans

The trio has returned after a long hiatus to discuss current events & if this is the worst Black History Month yet.

The Importance of The Black Man's Image

We discuss the importance of the black man's image & the current attack on masculinity.

Hypersexuality Fact or Fiction

Duane & Daryl have an open discussion with some lady guests on the concept of hypersexuality in today's culture.

The Muslim Ban & Minding Our Business

Duane & Daryl team up with Rob to discuss the current travel ban & how it affects Black Americans.

Intersectionality & The Illusion of Inclusion

Our guest Bobby Reily of "The Resistance Report" discuss Intersectionality, the Women's March, & if common ground can be reached by different people.

Public Schools Vs Parenting: Who's To Blame

We discuss public education and parenting with Rob S & Ezra J & how to ensure a better future for the next generation.

Boss Moves: What It Really Means To Be A Boss

We discuss Boss Moves with the Homey Rob S. We also discuss investing and the importance of financial literacy.

False Prophets featuring Uncle Hotep

We link up with Uncle Hotep to discuss the who's who's in the black community & their authenticity (or lack thereof)

21 Trump Street

Trump won the election....so now what? We discuss solutions & how to navigate in this new political climate.

Politics As Usual (July 28, 2016)

We discuss the candidates for the upcoming election & the importance/illusion of voting

Watch What You Say

This episode we discuss censorship and free speech.

Trigger Fingers & Trigger Warnings Part 2

We continue to delve into the topic of PC culture & the growing trend of lacking accountability.

Episode 2: Niggas N Paris

We discuss the terrorist attacks in Paris and how it effects (or doesn't effect) the black community

The ADHD Show

We discuss social media & the long term effects smartphones are having on today's youth and the overall populous.

Thottess Or Goddess Part 2

We link up with Ezra again to discuss nudity, hoe culture and misconceptions about the black woman.

Trigger Fingers & Trigger Warnings 1: Lazy Activism, Accountability & Rape Culture

We take a candid look at PC culture & how it strains communication & relationships among different communities.

Episode 45: Bring Back Our Boys

Duane & Daryl talk Liangelo Ball, Every day racism, Eve, and Nicki Minaj

Episode 44: Guns & Rape

Duane & Daryl discuss gun control, and more rape scandals in Hollywood. They also preview next week's show with a special guest. kddradioshow.com hotepnation.com

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