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Episode 43: What More Do You Want From Me?

This week we discuss current events, the war on black boys, Hollyweird, Wendy Williams and much more. https://stillcrew.com/the-sexual-abuse-of-black-boys-9e21d1134679 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmfjNUY0Fqc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7XExjrZxTdk

Episode 42: The King Has Returned (Told You We F**ked Up)

Daryl returns after a long hiatus to talk current events, what he's been up to...#FreeKev

Parenting While Woke featuring Project Rook

Me & Project Rook speak on parenting & how to rewrite the narrative on family values.

The War On Black Masculinity & Gender Wars

Me & Cookie (C-Myrtle) discuss the attack on Black Masculinity, how black men are "the white people of black people" and agenda to divide the sexes.

Loose Talk With Dr. Ricks

Me and Dr. Tanei Ricks discuss current events, DACA, and holding your own nuts.

Nature vs Nurture: Natural & Unnatural Disasters featuring Dr. Ricks

Me & Dr. Ricks continue our conversation speaking on climate change, HAARP, and chemtrails.

A Talk About Pedophilia featuring Hope Simmons

We link up with Hope Simmons an expert in child development on the impact of pedophilia & how it's ignored and almost encouraged in the black community.

This Is A Freestyle (aka Our Guest Didn't Show Up)

Our guest didn't show up so we decide to discuss various topics in pop culture. Daryl expresses his disdain for Kylie Jenner & Duane brings up having no plans for his 30th birthday.

Loose Talk With D-Mills

I speak with Ms. Miller on current events, and black community.

Domestic Violence featuring Mercy Bias

This week I sit with Performer & Domestic Violence Advocate Mercy Bias to tell her story & speak on domestic violence.

Mental Illness & Mental Health feat Dr. Ricks

This week we have guests Tanei Ricks and Chima talk about mental health and the many stigmas about mental illness.

Chopping It Up With Sade

We chop it up with guest Sade Renee & talk about everything under the sun, & then some.

Polygamy featuring Sade

We discuss the concept of polygamy, monogamy and relationships in general with guest Sade Renee.

The Black Plight featuring Sade Renee

We link up with Sade Renee to discuss the hopeless narrative of the Black Plight & how activism has become a hustle.

Trigger Fingers Part 3: Featuring Sam

We link up with twitter icon Sam Uncensored to discuss PC culture, censorship, and "hate speech."

Toxic Masculinity feat Doe Doobs

We sit down with author & business owner Doe Doobs to discuss toxic masculinity in the black community & attempt to dispell the many myths of masculinity portrayed in the mainstream medium.

Health & Nutrition: Featuring Project Rook

We discuss the importance of health and nutrition with expert Project Rook. projectrook.com

Current Events, Nigga News, & What's To Come

We wrap up season 2 with current events, and what to expect from KDD in season 3.

Thottess To Goddess

We link up with Nicollette to discuss hoe culture, slut shaming, and sexual liberation.

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